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Ailt Document Image Converter Pro

Ailt Document Image Converter Pro is an easy-to-use and professional converting tool. With this powerful converter, you can convert between different office document formats,PDF, web page, images with fast conversion speed. It can support comprehensive formats: PDF, doc, docx, docm, rtf, xls, xlsx, xlsm, ppt, pptx, pptm, txt, htm, jpg, jpeg, bmp, emf, wmf, tif, gif, png, pcx, ico, j2k, jp2 etc. More setting options can be provided to let you control the output file more accurately.

Ailt Document Image Converter Pro supports Optical Character Recognition(OCR) for Images.

It supports to convert Image files to editable Word, RTF, HTML, TXT document. New!




Advance Features:

It provides user-friendly interface.
It can simultaneously convert different formats to one certain format once.
It is a standalone program which does not need Adobe Acrobat software support.
Supports to add files by dragging and dropping
Supports to save and load the converted file list.
Supports to choose the entire folder to convert.
Supports to convert DOCX, DOCM, XLSX, XLSM, PPTX, PPTM of MS-Office 2007,2010,2013,2016,2019,2021.
Supports to extract the text of PDF to convert.
Supports to convert the encrypted PDF file.
Supports to convert the whole PDF file at once or you can choose specific pages.
The original layout, text, images, vector drawings of your PDF files will be preserved in the generated document.
Supports to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Image to SWF with excellent quality.
Supports to customize DPI when convert PDF to SWF, Image format.
Supports to customize SWF frames rate.
Supports to customize SWF page size.
Supports Flash6 format compression to compress the output SWF file size.
Supports converting PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Html etc documents.
Supports converting PDF to Word by default mode and image mode.
Supports converting PDF to Excel by plain text mode and image mode.
Extract data from PDF tables into editable Excel spreadsheets.
Combine all pages of PDF document into a single Excel Worksheet.
Supports converting PDF to PowerPoint with preserve the original content, layout etc.
Supports converting PDF to Html by default mode and extract text content mode.
Automatically resize Word/RTF page to fit your converted Excel page size.
Supports to resize image to fit PDF page size.
Supports to customize GIF image change interval.
Supports to customize output image size.
Supports to resize images while keeping their aspect ratio.
Supports to customize image color depth.
Supports to customize image rotate.
Supports to convert each page of Word/Rtf to single file.
Supports to convert each page of PDF to single HTML Image Gif TIFF file.
Supports to convert each slides of PowerPoint to single PDF.
Supports to convert all pages of multi-page PDF to multi-page Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Tiff/multi-frame SWF/Gif.
Supports to convert all pages of multi-page PowerPoint,TIFF, GIF to PDF.
Supports to merge PowerPoint slides to single PDF/HTML/Gif/TIFF file.
Supports to merge converted image files to multi-page PDF/Excel/PowerPoint/Tiff/multi-frame SWF/Gif.
Supports to convert TXT content to multipage TIFF file
Supports to convert TXT file content to multiframes SWF.
Supports to create PDF file from any document and image with three modes (default mode, image mode, text mode),
Supports to creat PDF with user and owner password protection.
Supports to customize JPG JPEG image quality from 1-100.
Supports to customize Icon size and Icon color depth.
Supports to choose the storage path;
Supports to automatically open the output folder after converted.
Supports saving output files in the same folder as source files.
Precise control the output quality with user-defined parameters settings.
User-friendly interface, very easy to use, just a few clicks can finish the conversion.

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Platform: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 /Windows 11
License Type: Free to try, $149.95 $97.47 to buy.
Trial Limitation: Conversion limitations, Registration will unlock all limitations.
Free Support: Tech support and feedback :support@ailtware.com


Image OCR Language Packs

The default language package of the product includes support for only English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. However you can select from any of the languages below and add support for your copy by simply downloading the appropriate file and install it.

Installation Instructions:
1.Download the language that you want to install from the table below. This should result in a file like "Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Afrikaans.exe".
2.Install the language pack file.
3.The next time you re-run the product and try to convert a Image, you should see this new language listed in the list of available languages.

Available Language Packs:

Language Download Link
Afrikaans Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Afrikaans.exe
Albanian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Albanian.exe
Ancient Greek Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Ancient-Greek.exe
Arabic Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Arabic.exe
Azerbaijani Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Azerbaijani.exe
Basque Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Basque.exe
Belarusian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Belarusian.exe
Bengali Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Bengali.exe
Bulgarian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Bulgarian.exe
Catalan Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Catalan.exe
Cherokee Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Cherokee.exe
Chinese (Simplified) Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Chinese-Simplified.exe
Chinese (Traditional) Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Chinese-Traditional.exe
Croatian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Croatian.exe
Czech Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Czech.exe
Danish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Danish.exe
Dutch Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Dutch.exe
English Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-English.exe
Esperanto alternative Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Esperanto-Alternative.exe
Esperanto Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Esperanto.exe
Estonian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Estonian.exe
Finnish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Finnish.exe
Frankish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Frankish.exe
French Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-French.exe
Galician Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Galician.exe
German Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-German.exe
Greek Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Greek.exe
Hebrew Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Hebrew.exe
Hindi Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Hindi.exe
Hungarian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Hungarian.exe
Icelandic Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Icelandic.exe
Indonesian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Indonesian.exe
Italian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Italian.exe
Japanese Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Japanese.exe
Kannada Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Kannada.exe
Korean Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Korean.exe
Latvian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Latvian.exe
Lithuanian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Lithuanian.exe
Macedonian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Macedonian.exe
Malay Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Malay.exe
Malayalam Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Malayalam.exe
Maltese Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Maltese.exe
Norwegian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Norwegian.exe
Polish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Polish.exe
Portuguese Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Portuguese.exe
Romanian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Romanian.exe
Russian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Russian.exe
Serbian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Serbian.exe
Slovakian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Slovakian.exe
Slovenian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Slovenian.exe
Spanish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Spanish.exe
Swahili Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Swahili.exe
Swedish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Swedish.exe
Tagalog Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Tagalog.exe
Tamil Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Tamil.exe
Telugu Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Telugu.exe
Thai Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Thai.exe
Turkish Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Turkish.exe
Ukrainian Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Ukrainian.exe
Vietnamese Ailtware-OCR-Language-Pack-Vietnamese.exe



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